About Bullfrog Spas

The Best Spas, Ever.


Advanced Hot Tub Technology


Engineered to be better, Bullfrog Spas are the world’s only luxury hot tubs equipped with the patented JetPak Therapy System.  JetPaks are modular hot tub jets that can be interchanged at any time  now or in the future. The JetPak Therapy System® delivers incredible power, maximum massage versatility, and allows you to upgrade your spa’s jetting with new JetPaks anytime.


Built with Precision for Your Peace of Mind


Bullfrog Spas are built using the 100% wood-free EnduraFrame  support structure. This structure is precision engineered and formed  with no cutting of wood 2x4s or 2x2s. All human error is removed from  the construction process and each Bullfrog Spa fits together perfectly.


Every piece of cutting edge technology in your hot tub by Bullfrog Spas will give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your well-deserved rest & relaxation!


More Configuration Options than Any Other Spa


Only Bullfrog Spas gives you immense choices to personalize your  spa. More choices means you’ll relax better, in seats set up just the  way you like. Our uniquely bio-engineered JetPak massages mean you get  therapy exactly where you need it.


So, where do you want relief?


Lower Cost to Own and Operate


Everyone says it, but data actually  shows that Bullfrog Spa models are the most energy efficient hot tubs in  their class. Bullfrog Spas are the only hot tubs that utilize our patented JetPak Therapy System. This technologically advanced and  ultra-efficient water delivery system is designed with up to 90% less  plumbing. This system, in conjunction with full foam and more efficient  equipment, helps you save energy and ensures that you can relax without  worrying about your energy bill.


Hot Tubs Made in the USA
with Best Practices & Pride


From the base all the way through to the smallest jet, Bullfrog  Spas are built to the highest quality standards, right here in the  United States. The goal of our manufacturing professionals and the  entire company is operational excellence and quality for you, the spa owner.  Our strict procedural approach to manufacturing greatly reduces the  amount of variation or chance for errors in building your spa.

Each  station in the Bullfrog Spas production line has multiple quality  checkpoints to ensure that your spa is reliable and worry-free. Why risk  it with another spa made overseas or in a poorly configured factory?  Our focus at Bullfrog Spas is to be the best-built, highest-quality, and most enjoyable spa anywhere. Come check out our display Hot tubs in Grand Forks!

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